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Rental Guide


Melbourne Rental Guide

  1. Tenants

Are your looking renting in Melbourne?  We can assist you in the step-by-step process:

  • Your housing needs (house, townhouse, apartment)
  • Suitable timing to move in and availability (agent will work with you to find your new home)
  • The market and pricing (agent will search for properties based on your search criteria and budget)
  • Viewing the property (can be based on your availability)
  • Additional specific of you to move in (organise with Owner Corporation, time of lease, pats)
  • The application process and approval from landlord (proof of sufficient income to satisfactory cover the monthly rent)
  • Sufficient funding for complete Deposit Bond and one month of rent

Types of Rental Properties: Apartments – more what is apartment

  1. An apartment is a single living space among other within a building
  2. Buildings may have shared facility (such as pool, gym, conference room, BBQ area, parking) which provides more effective leaving and less maintenance
  3. Buildings can have mix use (residential apartments – long term stay, service apartments – short term stay, commercial-retail areas) which increases community connection in area
  4. The quality of the services and the security of building are kept at high standards – managed by Owners Corporation
  5. Each Owner Corporation has its own rules which need to be respected by tenants

  Townhouses – more what is townhouse

  1. The townhouses are detached homes that are attached in a multi-unit complex.
  2. They often have small yards that belong to each home which is usually fenced
  3. Tenants are only responsible for their own area of yard for mowing and maintenance
  4. They have larger common areas such as walkways, designated parking space or garages
  5. They may have feature amenities such as pool, BBQ area or other recreation areas.
  6. There is no common hallway or elevators, why they have more privacy and they are more quieter then apartments
  7. They may or may not have Owners Corporation

  Private homes – more what is single family homes

  1. They are unattached houses with a yard, a garage, a private garden or a swimming pool
  2. Tenant is responsible for all maintenance of the property
  3. They don’t have upstairs and downstairs neighbours, no shared walls or floors, giving reasonable expectation of privacy


  1. Landlords



    Why you should use Property manager to rent your property:

    • Maximum return on your investment – market knowledge
    • Understanding of relevant legislation and law
    • For landlord is peace of mind
    • Negotiation of rent and leasing agreements
    • Attending maintenance issues
    • Completing open, routine and final inspections
    • Resolve all other problems

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