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Selling Guide


Melbourne Selling Guide

If you considering to sell property in Melbourne you may need to have a plan how to achieve the best return on your property.

Why to use a selling agent or sell your house yourself

Are you thinking of selling your house? Is it right time to put property on market and achieve expected price? The sale of property is a very complex and time consuming process, and for some people can be the largest financial transaction they are about to make.  This is a reason why they need professional advice and experience.  Some people have experience and resources to do them self’s but are they have legal protection

Talk to a real estate, someone who exclusively represents you as the seller of a property in a real estate transaction.  The agent will do following:

  • Establish selling / worth price. You as seller have only opinion on value of your property but property can be sold only for value the someone is going to pay in current market
  • Price will be based on research recent selling prices with comparable properties
  • Signing an exclusive agreement
  • Preparing the Contract of Sale
  • Actively marketing the property in the most suitable way
  • Advise on what to do and how to present your property to attract more potential buyers
  • Open for Inspection
  • Qualifying potential buyers
  • Advise on the best offers received for the listing and negotiation
  • The closing deal

How you can increase value of your property?

Please have in mind what you like about your home may not be attractive to potential buyer:

  • Make sure your property is the best presented (clean & tidy inside and outside, remove clutter, remove pats or freshen up)
  • Upgrade lighting to make sure that the property id bright and joyful
  • Have all windows washed to maximise light and views
  • Make sure property has right temperature for time of the day
  • Emphases the use of outdoor space (outdoor furniture, veggie patch)
  • Organise your closets to make them feel spacious
  • Remove personal items or even consider “hire furniture” to create more space
  • Refinish floors and paint walls where is needed – please use natural decor
  • Fix or replace all appliances that will make the kitchen new

Please talk to your real estate to give you help with this.

Should you sell: Private Sale or Auction?

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